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12-22-2011, 02:24 PM
Actually, now i've starting thinking about it further..

As Kobayashi Maru stated there are too many admirals. I really think they need to push down the ranks.

At the end of the day, the levels are separate from the ranks. I dont really care what my rank is as long as i "level up" and get to use more of my skills and get a better ship. There is no reason a low ranking officer cant be in charge of a smaller ship (it happens in real life that a Lt Cmdr will be in charge of a small ship) and the game does this anyway by having "ooo we need lots of new captains so we will throw a load of ensigns out into space to command a ship".

They also slipped up by not using the Lieutenant junior grade.

They should keep the Levels the same but instead of ranking up at a certain level you rank up much later, which means you would still get your shiny new ship, but you wont be a captain until you reach near end game - you still get your T5 as a captain and everyone playing the game is CAPTAIN of their own ship but you just dont "rank up" but you stil level up to 50.

You still get your T2 at level 11 but you dont necessarily need to be Lt Cmdr, but maybe only Lt

Okay so its not as much as an achievement when you dont suddenly jump a rank but you are still leveling up