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12-22-2011, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by wulfman View Post
Ensgin 0 - 9
Lt 10 - 19
Lt. Commander 20 - 29
Commander 30 - 39
Captain 40 - 50


Nobody wants to be Admiral,
actual ingame FLEET LEADERS. deserve an Admiral TITLE, for roleplay reasons. But thats about it.

and to be fair, the Federation ranks are not confusing anybody, but the Klingon ones always seemed a bit strange to me... brigadier general, commander general...


DX11 still has the Beta Tag,

i ran into multiple smaller errors and a few big ones yesterday afternoon

- black stuff in faces ( _1_ _2_ )
- some textures / shaders that pop up in the center of the map _1_ _2_
- Fish Tank glass Shader Effect is in the middle of my bridge instead of the ready room PIC )
- Earth has lost half its textures if you fly over it, but they flicker through when i make a screenshot ( _1_ _flicker_ )
- Sirius Sector Block has flickering space background textures...
- ALT TAB does not hide the game, but turns it into some weird window mode, that is *always on top* and if i want to maximize it again it switches to an odd washed out resolution, so i have to go to actual windowed mode and back to fullscreen,
- the dropdown for the resolutions acts weird now and has stupid entries with things like 30Hz ( PIC )... who the hell has a 30Hz TFT?
but the Refresh Rate is actually one drop down below the resolution, so it does not even belong in there...

imho that "Beta"-Tag... is very appropriate ^^

... btw.: GTX460