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12-22-2011, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by Bhuark View Post
I followed the link above and talked with live support. They a) advised me to change the password and e-mail associated with the account, b) told me they know of no way to 'restore' a previous game-state but that I should c) open a ticket with account and billing, although I've already opened a GM ticket ( which remains there without a response ).
they know of no way to restore your account? Really, they have to be kidding; IF this is true, it means they have never done back ups of the system, which, I would flat out find astounding. They have backups I am dead on certain about it, and within those I'm sure they can find your information. Now them doing it, is up to them, and to be honest, given the "service" of the support group as of late, I would honestly, NOT be surprised if they do not.