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12-22-2011, 05:07 PM
i have an idea for TAC's, it's just an idea, did not try, but maybe it could work

switch to grenade satchel Kit

go into shooter mode, you can throw grenades where you aim, and you can throw them above objects if you aim in the air! ...sooo maybe just maybe you can get those grenades to land inside his shield circle that way? SOMEBODY TRY THAT!

there is a DOff to lower cooldown on grenades, make sure to have that one equipped (if it actually works)

did anybody try how Smoke grenades work on him?

everyone else: if you keep targeting his shields by mistake (in RPG mode)
go to Options > Controls and disalbe targeting of Objects and Pets!
you will not auto target his shields any longer (not sure which of the 2 options actually applies)

bonus tipp, do not stand to his right, that is where the first beam ALWAYS hits.

as an engineer i used enemy neutralization kit
2 debufs at range
mines and a transphasic bomb you can plant to his feet before he activates,
and use your orbital strike on him

same here, you can aim in shooter mode and point where the orbital strike should hit, it should be possible to throw that at him while his shield ring is up