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12-22-2011, 10:33 PM
More costume/uniform options..

More Mix and Match KDF faction uniform Option..

Klingon women wearing Skirts/dresses.. ROBES! (they're Canon Dangit)

THIGH HIGH BOOTS (they're canon dangit!)

Belts with daggers. (they're canon dangit!)

Belts with holsters and Disruptor Pistols (They're canon Dangit)

A KLINGON version of the Kar'fi Battle carrier... someting a bit morre astheticly pleasing to Klingon eyes that doesn't look like a ship operated by an ancient arch enemy that enslaved the Klingon people..Much as I like the stats fro the Kar'fi I feel from a RP standpoint it feels dishonorable to be commanding one. unless your a Duras..

(goes and washes mouth out)

and yea.. that T-5 K'tinga