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12-23-2011, 02:06 AM
Originally Posted by aimtomisbehave
Yep. No effects on the Mk XI HG shields, at all. I'd heard that they were subtle, but put them on and took them off while staring at the Hegh'ta close up a dozen times, and there's just not the slightest difference. People who saw something must've had the Mk X?
Yep, the Mark X works wonderful and guess what, the effects are not THAT subtle either, it's a cool effect, I ground and got the mark X shields too.

The mark XI and XII just don't work. It's been nearly three weeks since I've put my ticket in, it'll probably be another week or two before they get another patch out due to the holiday. Even then, will a fix be included, WHO KNOWS....... Doesn't look like this is getting fixed anytime soon.

It's just not that high on the priority list. A player's time and effort to get the damned thing doesn't amount to bupkis around here, it's all about free to play now and bringing in as much revenue as possible. So what, if you had to grind 40 + times to get it, it will work when we get around to it.......

It will work by free to play, I assume, that's when their "new" players show up.