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12-23-2011, 03:46 AM
Armek will trigger his AOE if more that one entity is close to him as in the area inside the cover shield range and by entity i mean like engi turrets, hortas and more than one player. He will 1-3 shot players if no one is inside that range. OB is set in a specific targeting pattern. While it firing patter is a set or random set im to busy to notice.

Mind you i have yet to do the hard mode of cure ground, i simply refuse till i have full sets of faction STF and Omega ground sets. Omega really helps when you run a sci medic with the cloaking field to help loose long range agro and res a team mate(not perfect and the gun is a decent PDW with expose). Faction sets help with Sheilds/Health which do not conflict eith the CD of the same ground device. What also helps is if any Engi in the group has the kit with combat supplies just for emergency suplies in case the teams round out, wants to conserve, or in case some one didn't bring any and no one has enough to share.

Stupid hot shot noobs who hardly have experiance of this fight who got lucky in a previous run where every one cqc him and succeded will jump into the medic tanking like a moron and cuase him to close range AOE so specifily watch for that. So scream at the medic tank to run if that happens please. Also try to set a contingancy plan for if the medic tank dies/assim. An orian/vulcan with suduce/mind meld will help with assim tanks with hitting armec who will usually target the assim player chasing them away from the corpse point somtimes.

The classic STF boss trick is praying to whatever religin/deity/being/idol/ingeneral that someone brought a TR116 helps just a tiny little bit but the proc secces is a llot less than the XII set piece drop rate before it was bumped up.