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# 1 ROFL @ Pathetic PVP System
12-23-2011, 03:51 AM
So I log in with my klink character,

Wait around for over an hour for 7 other people to form to make a pvp game, get bored waiting.

See the red alert window pop up and click it, jump to borg invasion.

Unimatrix ship spawns twice, we lose the mission, exit to sector space.

Nearly 2 hours of my time utterly wasted.


I'll like to know roughly how many people play Star Trek Online. Seems unreal that you have to spend the best part of an hour getting 8 people together to do PVP.

Can't you increase the rewards for PVP so more people participate, if more than half a dozen people play this game that is. We used to have PVP tokens we could spend on PVP gear. Now we just get a p^&s poor amount of xp.

Make PVP worth peoples while and more people might participate.

FIX THE BUGS!!! this game has been out 2 years nearly now. Please fix the bugs instead of spending time making new items for the c-store.