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12-23-2011, 05:01 AM
Originally Posted by claydermunch View Post
Its ture, and proven by not only 2 years of utter neglect but also by totally ignoring any balance concern the pvp community has made heard EVER (basically every time a new op console gets released nowadays) and of course because they outright admitted to it.
I disagree that we are ignored.
They address balance issues and exploits. But not as timely as we want, and they keep adding stuff that is weakly balanced for PvP.
The closest thing to new content they added to PvP may have been Private Challenges. Which I woulnd't want to miss because it really made tournaments viable, but doesn't really cover what kind of extensions PvP needs to become truely viable and succesful. (And with that, tournaments may be viable from a purely technical point of view, but practically doesn't have a large enough community to support it.)

I seriously hope that the F2P launch will drive a wider range of PvP interested players to this game, and will allow Cryptic overall to finance developers and dev time to invest into PvP improvements.

But I fear it won't and inital unsatisfying experiences may remove this chance.