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12-23-2011, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by BorticusCryptic
Hey guys, thank you for your feedback on this set!

I wanted to drop in to let you all know that I'm just starting an in-depth review of these space sets (ground sets after that) to ensure that they are working properly, balanced with one another, and their bonuses are easily understood.

So keep your feedback coming! I'm aiming to have revised versions of the MACO, Omega and KHG sets out prior to F2P. And just to put your minds at ease, we recognize the time investment involved in obtaining this gear, and the expected level of reward that players are after when investing that much time and energy. We want to reward you accordingly.
In terms of the "Heavy Graviton beam", please don't change the visuals and the name for this. Just increase the damage on par with Beam Overload III or something. I don't mind the cooldown as such, it just needs to give a suitable punch! The reason i'm sure this was chosen was because of the HGB use in ST: TNG "The Best of Both Worlds" and if you're flying a galaxy class, like i am, it's very cool in a canon kind of way!

so yeah, just up the damage!