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12-23-2011, 07:24 AM
actually it only fixes the whines from people who like to max all ground skills......even with the reduced prices of upper tier skills space is still taking a hit. I don't agree with FORCED spending as i like plenty of otherpeople simply do NOT enjoy the ground combat. And to be honest you can get by without investing into ground skills but you actually have to take advantage of the exploit system. Not to mention you get so little return for you skill points particularly with ground skills it feels like a waste not even counting my EXTREME distaste for ground combat.

All i see with this new revamp is my desired playstyle taking a hit below the belt, if i actually felt i got rather meaningful returns for my skills in both space and PARTICULARLY ground it might not be such a bad pill to swallow but you get so little for your investment it's just aggravating as all get out.