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# 1 Dear CapnLogan - Orion ships
12-23-2011, 01:07 PM
MMkk... so far we have the following ships:

Dacoit Flight-Deck Cruiser - T3.5
- This ship looks awesome. I love it. Only problem is that I can't use it at LtG since it's only T3.
- Intercepters are cool, though they're basically the same as what we used to have on the Marauder. I initially bought the ship just to get them back.

Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser - T4.5
- This ship looks awesome too. I don't have it (yet), but I love how it looks. However, like the Dacoit, it's only T4, so it's not very good for LtG.

Marauder Patrol / Flight Deck Cruiser - T5
- This ship is a good ship to fly, but I hate how it looks. The other two Orion ships look awesome, and I think "man, my Orion would fit these ships great!" Then I look at the Marauder, and my Orion runs away screaming at how bad it looks.
- Marauding Force is okay, but I miss the Interceptors that came with the ship. If it had been me, I would've kept the Interceptors on this ship, rather than moving them to the Dacoit.

Now, here's what I propose.

1. Add an alternate skin for the Marauder. I wouldn't mind replacing the look completely with a new design similar to the Corsair or Dacoit, but I understand some people might actually like it.

2. Add the Interceptor in-game as a flyable ship. Preferably as a T5 BoP-level ship, but fighter would be okay too I guess.

Basically, the Orions need more ships throughout the levels and classes. I'm not the only one that plays an Orion (indeed, there's at least two or three full fleets of solely Orion players), and I know most of us would love to have Orion ships at LtG.