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12-23-2011, 11:22 PM
Originally Posted by Rivyn13
really? i have the same skin for mine, but when i break up it changes to the default look until i recombine.
Yeah, I can separate and everything is Hephaestus and when I recombine the "correct" pieces fly off, and 2 Prometheus parts fly in to reintegrate and then every thing changes back to Hephaestus.

Originally Posted by Jexsam View Post
Well, technically it isn't broken since it never consistently showed your selected ship parts.

The current state of this, last I was aware, was it was a technical limitation that they could not overcome at the time. It's something that they'd like to change, but there's more important things to be done, and since it's a purely cosmetic issue, it's understandably low on the priorities list.
It cant be that hard... the ship separates into the correct parts with the correct costume, but they only come back wrong. It shouldnt be bard to make the game poll to see what type of ship costume was being used when the components flew off and have those models fly back in to reintegrate. (But then again, I am not a programmer...)

Also, why does my ship have to stop to split but can move to reintegrate?