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12-24-2011, 04:03 AM
*Tac Lt: Tac Team I / Beam Overload II
*Eng Ensign: Emergency Power Weapons I(not sure what else to put here)
*Eng Commander: Emergency Power Shields I / Engineering Team II / Emergency Power Shields III / Eject Warp Plasma III
*Eng Lt. Commander: Engineering Team I / Aux Inertial Dampeners I / Reverse Shield Polarity II
*Sci Lt: Hazard Emitters I / Transfer Shield Strength II (may flip flop these 2)
only use a maximum of 2 abilitys which share the same cooldown.

erase engineering team II, take AUX to structural integrity instead
Fire at will is more effective than beam overload with your setup of weapons. it is too weak with beam arrays, it is used better with dual beam banks.
Use only 2 emergency powers to... and rotate them whenever ready, a third does not fit this rotation. engineering team and tactical team also have shared cooldowns, get rid of the third team, its out of the cooldown rotation.

run your weapons power lvl that its allways over a hundred, even while fireing all weapons.
shields low, to keep them over a hundred use the emergency power and your engineer abilitys, if u are an engineer.
engines minimum, and aux all the rest of the energy that is left. the more power in aux, the better hazard emitters ticks, as does TSS.

PS: squeze in a aceton field 1, it does no dmg, but 50% less dmg output by the enemy is fantastic.
PPS: i would actually get rid of the beams and go for turrets in back, and normal cannons in front, and the hit rappid fire! u **** bricks