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12-24-2011, 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by Azimn View Post
First off I love this except I am an extremely casual player. I have been playing an Alien Cardassian since launch and I am only a commander. I know I hear about how easy it is to get to max level but not for me I am way too casual of a player. My only concern is having to start over. I do agree I would like to have Cardassians as a race i am just not a fan of starting over.

With that aside I say anything that adds Cardasssians to the game I love!!!!
There was the same issue with Fed Klingons when they added them as well. This is one of the arguments for adding in a respecies c-store option.

Originally Posted by RCO
I do believe cryptic has said no more cstore races. Beside before they add any more races or factions they need to finish the kdf. We have waited long enough. Far longer then anyone has wait for playable cardissian or romulans.

It time for cryptic to put some real effort into kdf instead of 700 days of lip service.
There's no reason the KDF couldn't have Cardies as well. Lorewise we know that Cardassians are using dual citizenship with the Federation to enlist in Starfleet just like the Ferengi, but certainly some would choose to ally with the Klingons.