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12-24-2011, 08:31 AM
Agree with the adaptation handling. But these weps just suck for thier supposed use. Give me snipers..... Better yet, drop adaption and put the nodes back in. How about the TR for the gun, buffed a bit.

Anyone with a clue in the old stf's use twin snipers or shotguns, and only used primary attack to finish off a low health mob. The pace was also slower then, now its a zerg fest. I have full maco xi, and prefer my old set way better. I just wish that i could use my dual pistols, since they are my usual wep on my main sci.

Dont have any maco or omega on my tac, and actually dont see a reason to change, since she can 1 shot alot of different lvl mobs.......using snipers...... ( besides grinding 2k more stf's for the stuff )