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12-24-2011, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by Mogon View Post
I dont know how to def well, i havefound his shots go thru covershields. i have found though that in shooter modeone may be able to shoot his head over the cover shields.
I recently played Cure with my fleet, and I was the last guy left alive. I'm an engineer. I went to the lower left corner inside the force field and that was > 30m from Armek. I put up a cover shield and did the classic sniper technique (the thing we always did with Rebecca). I had a healing generator behind the cover shield.

I think Armek will target the cover shield if it's within range, but I haven't seen him shoot through it.

With sniper + Orbital Strike, I was able to finish him off. That lower left corner seems to be the best spot to take him out.

I would worry that putting down turrets, drones, & security team would trigger his chain lightning. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I strongly suggest you don't put those down while fighting Armek.