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Originally Posted by N5XTR View Post
Made BG and got a Negh'Var, I always loved the looks of it.
Fore I have all very rare photon torp, and aft is very rare plasma turrets, everything is ACC x 3.
I had this load out on a raptor and it worked great, but not so well with the Negh'Var.
The photon torpedoes fire about every second and the turrets give a pretty good volley, but I get my tail stomped by the Borg Incursions. I don't do much PvP, but alot of PvE.
Anything I should change?
If you are going to be using an all forward torpedo type one really good method now is either 4 plasma torps or 3 plasma torps and the bio warhead.

As well though some of us experimented heavily with Negh'Vars a few months back and we came up with a few setups that optimize performance with cannons... 4 turrets on the back for all setups and then for things you can kill quickly using a 3 DHC 1 torp standard setup. For the other options for long term combat where you are turning to keep up defense the 2 options there were using 2 DHC's and 2 single cannons or taking one of those single cannons and replacing with a torpedo.

Some of the better pilots with the negh var though start out using aux to dampeners 2 which makes the ship once you learn its inertia characteristics can make this ship turn as quickly or better than the fastest turning ships in the game in a lot of ways this ship is like a super giant escort with a lot more survival abilities. Which is great for a tactical officer because you can use tact initiative and keep up those cannons however you use the skills on them.