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12-24-2011, 09:00 PM
Originally Posted by GrimmTrixX View Post
Ok so i bought this game day 1 and am a lifetime subscriber. I have been working a LOT this past year and have had ZERO time to invest in an MMO. So now I decided to check out the C-store cuz i heard pay subscribers get perks once it goes to free to play mode.

So I login here and.. it says I have no active characters.. I made a character, and granted i only played 4 times and got to level 3, but am I screwed? I'm downloading the latest patch and going to login but did I miss out on lots of stuff for my lifetime account for not having played in about a year and a half?

I got lifetime for this very reason, so when i'd have time I could play. granted i thought I'd find more time but oh well. So any ideas for me on what i've missed/lost?

You might have missed out on some special rewards that were given out when the Featured Episodes came out. Other than that you are good. You can now enjoy the game with many items fixed.