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12-24-2011, 09:08 PM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
@ OP

i feel really sorry for you you are forced to play by the same rules as all the others... no more OP pure Space build for you.
(you highlight EXACTLY the reason why they did it, yet you don't even realize it)
Nail on teh head with that one.

Right now I can only see three reasons why people are up in arms about this change.
To my mind everyone falls into one or more of these categories;

*They are afraid of change. This one is understandable given Cryptic's past track record, but the fact remains that this is a needed change.

*They are so angry at Cryptic that they hate anything they do. Again this one is supremely forgivable given Cryptic's recent penchant for bad moves on an inconceivable scale.

*They are afraid of no longer being able to min/max and OP their ROFLboat.

NEWSFLASH; this just in, some of us would like to be able to play both ground and space PvP.
It cracks me up how everyone yelling "Y U NO LET MI PLAY WAY I WANT?!" is campaigning to keep a broken system that prevents just as many others from playing the way *they* want.