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12-25-2011, 01:44 AM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
Nail on teh head with that one.

Right now I can only see three reasons why people are up in arms about this change.
To my mind everyone falls into one or more of these categories;

*They are afraid of change. This one is understandable given Cryptic's past track record, but the fact remains that this is a needed change.

*They are so angry at Cryptic that they hate anything they do. Again this one is supremely forgivable given Cryptic's recent penchant for bad moves on an inconceivable scale.

*They are afraid of no longer being able to min/max and OP their ROFLboat.

NEWSFLASH; this just in, some of us would like to be able to play both ground and space PvP.
It cracks me up how everyone yelling "Y U NO LET MI PLAY WAY I WANT?!" is campaigning to keep a broken system that prevents just as many others from playing the way *they* want.
Sorry, but your entire post is utter nonsense.

The question I have for you, and everyone who makes nonsense statements like those, is how much testing of the ground skill revamp have you done; comparing your tribble ground builds to your holodeck ground builds? I'm very curious to hear how significant your ground battles have improved under this new skill tree.

For me, I have seen no improvement whatsoever. Almost all of my points on holodeck have been spent on space traits, I have very few allocated to ground. And I have no problem whatsoever during the new STFs (elite and normal), no problems with ground missions, or the new Defera invasion.

This has pretty much been my standard build; space gets the most points allocated and ground gets a few. And even back during the old STFs, I never had any real issue doing ground.

On tribble, now being forced to spend 25% of my skill points on ground, my ship is noticeably weaker, but I see no improvement in ground battles whatsoever.

So, again, I'm very curious to hear how much easier you find ground combat on tribble. How significant has your ground improved under this new skill tree compared to your holodeck character?

Right now, I can only see one reason people make posts like this: they are praising the new system strictly out of principle. "Skill revamp sounds great! The game is going to be balanced now! And everyone who is complaining about the changes is just mad because they don't have "leet" ships anymore."

Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
but the fact remains that this is a needed change.
No, the fact is, what actually is needed, is a total revamp of the ground system in and of itself. What all these changes are is tantamount to putting a smiley faced band-aid over a large, open wound. If cryptic is trying to make ground more appealing, they're going to have to change the feel and dynamic of ground based combat. Adding a generic shooter mode and forcing people to spend skill points on their ground character hasn't improved ground.

I still find it funny that the other "mode" is called RPG mode. I seriously wonder if anyone at cryptic has ever played an RPG. I've played quite a few in my days, and in no way does it feel like I'm playing a character while I'm running around scanning things or shooting things.