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12-25-2011, 02:43 AM
Originally Posted by Tim3822 View Post
I actually don't mind the new skill set up on Tribble. I know the ground missions can be repetitive, but some of the community made ones are fantastic. I don't mind reading the text either, Star Trek has never being about running through and shooting everything. Take your time, enjoy the story and just go with it. I wish they would in fact bring more puzzles and story driven objectives to the missions instead of some of the generic "go here, kill mobs and collect stuff" which is the staple diet of MMO's. Think back to the Devidian mission "everything old is new again" you have to scan patients and put together data to help Dr McCoy treat the crew, I loved it and would like to see more of it.

Lastly, STO is far from perfect and to be quite honest if you were a LTS from launch you've already got a better deal than any of us will ever get. There are plenty of other choices out there to spend your gaming time. I'm not going to be as blunt as to say "if you dont like it leave" but perhaps you should consider something else if STO annoys you that much? I play the game to have fun, if your not getting any enjoyment out of it then try something else.
From a gameplay perspective, I don't like ground combat and vastly prefer space combat. But ground itself is the better place to tell Trek stories.

But TOR seems to make ground more fun to play and even better in storytelling. Cryptic definitely has to learn from that. IN the mean-time, I'll enjoy TOR just as the OP (hopefully) will, and (possibly unlike the OP) will check out STO, especially when new additions and good changes like the skill split are implemented.