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12-25-2011, 02:46 AM
As Q turns host Xander Clause back to his former self, Xander looked around Q's wonderland and Quarks Bar and his heart grew. Two hours after the show ended, the community was still partying, dancing and having fun.

Kui won 1000cp for the Holiday dress up contest by donning a Nutcracker meets and Orion Slave Girl costume. Jupiter Force's very own Chou dashed through the snow leaving everyone behind to win the STO Digital Deluxe Edition.

A crowd favorite was finding the Grinch before he could steel our holiday fun. Leading the players all around the wonderland and crossing several instances, our loyal party goers kept tracking him down by clues that he would leave behind. Much the same happened with our Security Officer Ewan. After getting lost many times, the players always stepped up and brought her back to the party.

The very fun and challenging Trivia Questions about the Podcast, Foundry and Star Trek left many with lots of rewards and unaware bystanders were surprised as some Devs joined the dancing and skating as Xander Clause started passing out prizes to the crowd.

In the end we filled instance 5 4 3 and 1 of Q's Winter Wonderland and 2 instances at Quarks Bar. Overall, 70 prizes were given out with the show running 2 and a half hours with many people still dancing and partying 3 hours after. We had 30 guests in the Tribble Studio from Trek, Blade and Sub-Space DJs to Podcast, Broadcast and Bitsize UGC, G&T Show and Cerberus films plus our own Tribbles and many from the Community.

Even now, a day later, HoloSuite chat channel and most of the Radio Stations channels are still buzzing about the event. In the end, I'd say we did a jolly good job and the community that was involved had a great time. And that's what it's all about! We hope to do even more in the coming year as our next big event is looking to be Feb 10th, Cryptic's Birthday.

So from Myself and the Tribbles, Holosuite Magazine, TrekRadio, Sup-SpaceRadio and Blade and all our special guests, I bid you all a Very Merry Tribbles Christmas and a happy New Year!

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