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12-25-2011, 03:07 AM
Originally Posted by Elsaud
Give us a break, Cryptic! We shouldn't be going down every single combat! Enemies are whittling us down to death faster than it takes to activate a shield recharge or a healing skill/hypo! It's ridiculous! This isn't fun to play! If people want more challenging combat, then let them play the higher difficulty level, but have pity on those of us who aren't pumped up on Red Bull and Adrenaline! No, my character isn't badly balanced; he's extremely well balanced and so is his team the enemies are just at least 4 levels higher than us, even when it says the level gap is 0.

Slow ground combat down to what it used to be, because this is totally ridiculous. It's not worth playing if you can't at least get out of a scuffle with you and your away team still alive!
If you're having difficulty on normal then you're doing something wrong; even Elite is easy once you get used to it.
First thing is to make sure all your away team is in level appropriate armour, it doesn't have to be the top Mk for the tier but even a Mk IX at RA will be better than the Mk IV you levelled in. Likewise weapons, make sure they're at least close to your level or else you'll lose out to the NPCs.

BOff skills are also important, make sure you have plenty of heals, both shield and armour. Skills such as Medical Tricorder, Vascular Regenerator, Nanite Health Monitor are all excellent heals, Shield Recharge is also a life saver. Well placed Medical Generators and Shield Generators are also very helpful as the yadd resistance to armour and shield respectively as well as the HoT they grant whilst in their aura.
Once you get the hang of things with plenty of heals it may be worth cutting some of the heals and using CC skills in there place, they may not appear too powerful but Science CC skills in particular are potent and deal a lot of damage to NPCs that won't try to break the roots or clear the DoTs. Engineer and Tac CC skills such as Fuse Armour and Suppressing Fire (the latter in particular) can also be nasty with the run speed reduction (-66% IIRC and a DR debuff) which makes them useful against NPCs that like to melee. My personal favourite, although it requires a Science player is the Physicist kit; it's an aggressive Science kit that's very effective against NPCs at lower levels but is a little trickier on Elite as it has no heals. Used well it's very effective though.
Engineer turrets and mortars are also powerful skills, mortars in particular. Turrets have to have LoS on the target so don't last long in PvE as NPCs love to get up close and personal with them but Mortars can be placed outside the chamber you're in and will fire for the duration. The resulting AoE kinetic damage deals impressive damage to NPCs; although shields reduce this it's still a nice amount of damage to armour. If you're struggling with the NPCs fire then skills like Weapons Malfunction are effective against NPCs as they won't use a power cell to clear the debuff so there attacks will be much weaker for the duration.

For BOff weapons then it's usually a good idea to give them weapons that expose the target (I like Wide Beam pistols but there are other expose options) and carry Exploit weapons yourself. Tapping G when you see and exposed target will alow you to one shot the NPC if you're lucky or at the very least take a big chunk of HP out of them.
It's also worth remembering that it's a good idea to hit yourself with heals and HoTs before drawing aggro, with your low HP the resistances and HoT will keep you in the fight for a surprisingly long time