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12-25-2011, 04:37 AM
Originally Posted by claydermunch View Post
Yeah... how about you give your away team crowd control weapons, 1 or 2 guys with a shotgun will keep the battlefield easier to handle, crouching (c) mitigates damage done to you.

If you have engineer boffs, why not set up minefields and turrets, set your boffs up to form a nice cross fire and then just run and pull the enemies into your setup position?

Have some science powers that deal with crowd control instead of just all heals.

Why not have a sci boff use one of them humongous resistance buffs on you? The hypospray category of buffs has a reason for existing, you know...

The major point is: this is not star trek voyager, weapon should hurt.

People should stand in front of each other for 5 minutes and shoot phasers and equivalent weapons that are said to be able to vaporize small houses.

Pre season 4 ground was not star trek. When running up to a guy and fisticuff him did more damage than shooting him with phasers fro ma distance something is off.

If ANY change needs to made its that ground melee weapons could use a buff to bring them up to par. (aka if batleth applied to your face = you being dead very soon)
Yeah, that's remarkably unhelpful. I already have an excellent team, like I said. The enemies are just whittling down my life and shield faster than skills can activate to restore them. Combat is too fast now. Either slow down combat, or speed up activation times.