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12-25-2011, 05:27 AM
Originally Posted by rswfire View Post
Duty officers are new and are separate from your bridge officers. It's a nice, new element to the game that allows you to send duty officers out on missions for different rewards and accolades. You can access the duty officers feature by clicking the appropriate button underneath the mini-map. It feels very Trek-like to me. I can actually picture myself as captain of a ship and sending out officers from my crew in shuttlecrafts to perform different duties. :-)

That's essentially what the system is all about.

Also, I stopped playing for about as long as you did. I played for about a month when it first came out and made it to captain. I started back up about two weeks ago, and I've now capped my character. I don't think you missed a whole lot. From what I've been able to gather, a lot of the improvements came recently as they prepare for the f2p model. I'm reserving judgment on that for now. My hope is that the f2p model will lead to more players, translate to more money for Cryptic, and as a result improve the game further. My fear is that the exact opposite will happen.
Worth remembering that DOffs are opened to you at LT8 so you'll have to get there first. It should just be a case of completing the missions in Sirius to get there though so it won't take more than a couple of hours if it's your first time through.
They really are addictive though, I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time sending DOffs out on missions recently.