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These percentage values are based on a character at level 50

Basic Skill Points: ( 50% minimum, 70% maximum)
10 Basic Skills: ( These skills would be offered to everyone but they could not be maxed out without the use of flex points ).
Basic Ground Allocation ( 25% minimum , 35% maximum )
5 Basic Ground Skills. ( Add to the Effectiveness of Armor, PSG, Devices, Ground Weapon Accuracy, and Personal Conditioning. )
Basic Space Allocation ( 25% minimum, 35% maximum)
5 Basic Space Skills. ( Add to the Strength of Hull, Shields, Devices, Space Weapon Severity, and Leadership. )
Career Skill Points: ( 50% suggested )
10 Advanced Career Skills: ( Technically making it 30 total since each career would have its own 10 skills )
Advanced Ground Allocation ( 25% suggested, 50% maximum )
5 Advanced Ground Skills. ( Adds to the Effectiveness of your Kits, and Career Abilities ).
Advanced Space Allocation ( 25% suggested, 50% maximum )
5 Advanced Space Skills. ( Adds to the Strength and Effectiveness of your Career Abilities ).
Vice Admiral ( Level 50 ) could not max out every skill, however a Fleet Admrial ( Level 70 ) could easily max out every skill since they would have an additional 70% of skill points to work with.

Also you could allow subscribers to shift the "flex" around without the need of a "Shift Flex Token" from the C-store. They would still need to see a vendor at a space port to make the shift. And to Shift the basic points around they would need to purchase a Respec Token. But it would be discounted from 300CP to 200CP since they could shift their "flex" anyway.

Free players would have to pay 300CP for the Respec Token, or 100CP for a "Shift Flex Token".

You could also introduce a "Career Change Token" for 2000CP and have it allow a person to change between a Sci, Eng, and Tac. After they were done they would be required to respec into their new careers advanced skills.

And to be fair introduce a "Species Change Token" for 5000CP and have it allow a person to change to a new species in their faction.