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12-25-2011, 03:39 PM
This one would be tricky and some would hate it but others would absolutely love it.

It would have to cost alot of C-points but at the same time it would also need to have a Dilithium price as well.

So like 5000CP or 1,500,000 RD.

Basically you would strip yourself of your rank and title from your current faction.

You would keep your accolades, and your skill points.

You would lose your Energy Credits but keep your remaining Dilithium and GPL.

You would lose your ships in your inventory, you would get GPL for there value. ( If a ship was bought in the C-store you would still have access to it but it would not be playable by your defecting character unless they defected back lol ).

You would be kicked from your current fleet, if you were in a fleet. ( Your fleet would get a message that would not just stated that you left but that you defected ).

You would lose any "faction unique items" in your inventory or personal bank, you would get GPL for there value.

You would get to keep your store bought uniforms, and veteran uniforms only, the rest would be lost, you would get some GPL for there value.

And only 4 of your Bridge officers, and 14 of your Duty Officers would follow you. ( You would get to pick which would follow you. ) ( If you bought your Duty Officers in the C-store you would get Dilithuim for those you lost, and if you had a Boff you purchased in the C-store then you would get a requisition form for a new "special Boff" for your new faction ).

Once you picked your new faction if you are a race that is not apart of that faction your character would be automatically re-specie'd as "Alien". You would not notice a difference.

You would be given a "Provisional Rank" depending on your rank, However if you held a rank above "Captain" in your former faction you will not get that rank right off you will be placed at "Provisional Captain" until you complete several faction specific missions which will then make you eligible to no longer be "Provisional" and allow you to hold a rank above "Captain".

Also until you lose your "Provisional Standing" with your new faction when NPC's react to you or interact with you they will be "Disrespectful" to say the least.

As a deterrent from having people change factions every week, if you defect to a faction you have previously been a member of you will lose half your skill points and rank.

So you could leave Starfleet, then go to the KDF, and then be apart of the Imperial Romulan Fleet, but if you decided to return to Starfleet you would lose everything as mentioned above plus you would lose half your skill points and rank. This would only be instituted as a preventive measure, and you would be warned several times before it was applied and your defection back would be accepted.