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12-25-2011, 06:41 PM
No, I'm not joking. Mister Dee is correct that I'm referring to the Orion Interceptor seen in Ent "Borderland"

Originally Posted by Jexsam View Post
You're joking, right? A measly Orion Interceptor performing like a T5 BoP?

Now as a fighter, yeah, that'd be awesome. Give it a universal ensign BOff slot and a built-in engine drain beam power thingy and it'd be golden.
I'm guessing you're used to seeing the interceptor in-game, which is portrayed as a simple single-seat fighter. In canon, the Interceptor had a crew of around 15-30, with enough space for a couple boarding parties and prisoners at least.

The canon Interceptor was closer to escort sized, and two of them completely disabled Enterprise without much trouble. Considering the D'kyr, B'rel, and Excelsior have all been upgraded to T5, I don't see much of a stretch in making one of the few canon Orion ships upgraded too.


Originally Posted by The.Restless.Kaiser
On a more serious note though, I was confused at the route they chose for Orion ships. I imagined things much more on a blockade runner style. I had preumed to find them as fast ships in the Fed escort style, but faster still maybe.

I do like the Orion ships, I should add. They offer 'a little bit of everything'.
I have to agree with you here. It strikes me as odd that a race known for being black market, mafia-style, would have "flight deck carriers". The two or three Orion ships we've seen on-screen were mostly fast, quick, maneuverable, etc. why are we not seeing anything like that?