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12-26-2011, 12:19 AM
It's not really meant for YOU to be doing the missions anymore. Send your duty officers out for diplo missions. Since chapter 5 I had 30k xp to go for lvl4 and managed to get it yesterday. I'm also a leisure player. Sometimes I logged in just to acknowledge the completed missions and start up new ones.. The diplo missions you're used to are not worth the time and/or effort. Unless, of course, they rewrite them and give more xp.

Honestly, I was pretty PO'd when one day I merely had a few hundred xp to go to be ambassador, to wake up the next day and find that I had 30k to go.

Yeah, I was ticked off in a hardcore fashion. I bought a bunch of doffs for diplo and maxxed out whenever I could.

I knew it would go quick when 4 missions completed with critical successes all awarding 1500xp each. Yeah, 6k xp in one fell swoop.

If you continue doing the missions for the bittie 10 point rewards, then stay away from the first contact missions since they are bugged and can't be completed.