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12-26-2011, 03:33 AM
Originally Posted by GrimmTrixX View Post
Ok so i bought this game day 1 and am a lifetime subscriber. I have been working a LOT this past year and have had ZERO time to invest in an MMO. So now I decided to check out the C-store cuz i heard pay subscribers get perks once it goes to free to play mode.

So I login here and.. it says I have no active characters.. I made a character, and granted i only played 4 times and got to level 3, but am I screwed? I'm downloading the latest patch and going to login but did I miss out on lots of stuff for my lifetime account for not having played in about a year and a half?

I got lifetime for this very reason, so when i'd have time I could play. granted i thought I'd find more time but oh well. So any ideas for me on what i've missed/lost?
if you've only logged in via the web page and not the game recently it wont show your characters in relation to the store... it does that a lot to me with Champions Online even though i have a lifetime sub there too.

once you've logged into the game properly that'll change. i think once you've not logged in for a couple of months it flags the account as "inactive" in relation to the store's web interface.