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12-26-2011, 01:51 PM
The thing that was wrong with this whole grab bag idea, was not so much the odds of getting it(seeing no real data on this, it is assumed to be <1%). It was that cryptic used a bait tactic. They knew that this(ship) was the only thing to get people to buy these things, they may even had the thought that "people are going to go nuts when the see the bug ship". With out seeing any further details(or data), I'd assume that >95% of people bought these things just for that ship. I'd even venture to guess it was closer to 99%.

I'd even stake to say that Near 95% percent of people stopped buying the packages after thy got the ship, or at their perceived cost for the ship. I say 95% because I'm letting a 3% margin of error for those who bought in bulk and found the ship in their bulk purchase before they reached the end of their lot.

So using a Bait tactic is what made every one mad. Doing this again will only result in the same out lash.