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12-26-2011, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by 0Gambit0 View Post
I'm astounded by the number of players that I've been encountering while running STFs that refuse to use any form of voice chat or team speak.

In one particular instance I had a team member that stated that they hated using voice chat so they always use mute all so that the only way to communicate with them would be to type.

My responce to the above was "then you must already know how to run every STF and don't need to be taught anything about them"

The responce that I got back made me want to shut off the internet on a gobal scale :p

"No, I don't know everything about STFs but if someone wants to tell me what to do they better be able to type quickly and clearly"

I've come across other players who use the mute all option because they don't like hearing male voices attached to female characters

Ignoring voice chat on the old STFs was fine; however, we need to be able to communicate quickly with these new STFs with we want to have any chance of completing any of the optionals.

I know that STF pugging is like playing Russian Roulette but this ignoring voice chat is becoming a trend that I just don't understand
I have Vivox disabled, it causes terrible latency issues for me that disabling it clears it completely.