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# 1 Fatal Error decompressing data
12-26-2011, 02:43 PM
I consistently keep getting STO crashing to desktop randomly while playing. Its become incredibly frustrating, and tiresome. I have ploweed through these forums and google for an answer and have come up pretty much empty handed despite following advice given by randoms in threads of other forums and here.

What I am however consistently seeing is the words "Windows 7" and "x64" mentioned in alot of these, and while a certain helpful IT person has chimed in on here in other threads claiming the problem may be RAM, faulty CPU or dying hard-drives, I pretty much prefer the "Occams-Razor" approach to troubleshooting rather than the seemingly "blame everyone else bar our lacklustre programming" mentality.

I'll cut through the hand-holding and say it's absolutely not on my end, but is a result of STO notbeing able to communicate with x64 Windows 7 systems. It's as simple as that. Since this issues seems to be common (just search "fatal error" on the forum to see for yourself), It would be splendid if Cryptic actually address this shortcoming and make this game actually playable.

and yes Ive reinstalled and downloaded the game twice, this has absolutely nothing to do with corrupt .hogg files.

From the gameclient immediately following a crash:

"preloading DLLs...done.
Filesystem startup...
Loading hoggs...done (-1 hoggs)
Auto-enable PatchStreaming... disabled (no NotRequired in filespec)"

The actual popup following the crash to desktop:

"Fatal error: Error decompressing data. Verifying files in the launcher may fix this issue:
Technical Details: Error decompressing data. Verifying Files in the launcher may fix this issue:

The actual cited texture will change on every crash.

Further gameclient information:
"Unable to find required game data files. If this problem persists, reinstalling the application may fix the situation"

List of approaches undertaken to solve this issue:
Deleted the entire piggs folder, and redownloaded from launcher x2 CHECK
Deleted STO from hardrive and reinstalled from Steam x1 CHECK
Manually closed every superflous running program via taskmanager before launching game: x2 CHECK
Teamspeak: Not Installed
Ran game launcher via steam: x10 CHECK
Ran game launcher without steam x5 CHECK
Ran Game Launcher and Game .exe as administrator x5 CHECK
Reinstalled STO to entirely new folder from" Program Files" to "Program Data" CHECK
Backedup entire piggs folder on reinstallation and replaced "corrupted" hoggs when they become modified in-game (TIMESTAMPED, this occurs in the problem file) x3 CHECK
checked and unchecked "Read-Only" .hogg files in piggs folder x4 CHECK
Updated graphics card drivers to recent release x1 CHECK

Now, speaking of Occams Razor, which of the following scenarios is the most likely problem?
Users with Windows 7 x64 systems ALL have one of the following: faulty RAM, Hard-drive, CPU et al, preventing them playing STO.


Users with windows 7 x64 systems are suffering because STO programming is not properly communicating with said system.

I'm hoping someone actually can provide me with a solution to this other than fobbing me off with the same tired and used rhetoric of "it's a problem with your system".

FYI: This computer system is brand new, and with all other programs I use on here, STO is the only game that I'm continually experiencing problems with. Consider this, please.