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12-26-2011, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by Xcom46 View Post
I don't think STO has been fully upgraded for win 7 yet.
what kinda Video card do you have

But if you want too check your Ram
I will check that out, just to rule it out, but to be brutally honest, I see these coincidences on the forums revolving around this exact same issue, and approximately 90% of all the reports also come from users with windows 7 systems. What I dislike in almost all of these cases is the implication that THEY are to blame with some faulty hardware, without condeeding that STO's programming is in-fact to blame.

I don't therefore think that of the 25 or so cases on this forum alone ive read reporting this error all have the same hardware failure, it's statistically improbable.

Thankyou for your input though, especially taking the time to provide a link