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12-26-2011, 05:23 PM
I run under win 7 64 and have never had a crash. Of course I don't not
1. have the game running under steam
2. have the game installed in the program files folder.

Quote from coderanger....

Fun fact, the game will break pretty frequently if you install to Program Files under Vista or Win7 because of a new security feature called Virtual Store (short version: it intercepts and rewrites file writes inside prog files to go somewhere else). That is why it is no longer the default install location on those platforms. There is no permanent way to disable this feature of Windows, so installing outside of Program Files is the best option. The "correct" place according to MS for this would be C:\ProgramData, but more games use Users\Public\Games that we wanted to go with the clearer one. The More You Know.
3. use an antivirus program that will corrupt the hogg files on downloads or lock the file under scanning