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12-26-2011, 08:30 PM
Originally Posted by Avalon304 View Post
Yeah, I can separate and everything is Hephaestus and when I recombine the "correct" pieces fly off, and 2 Prometheus parts fly in to reintegrate and then every thing changes back to Hephaestus.

It cant be that hard... the ship separates into the correct parts with the correct costume, but they only come back wrong. It shouldnt be bard to make the game poll to see what type of ship costume was being used when the components flew off and have those models fly back in to reintegrate. (But then again, I am not a programmer...)

Also, why does my ship have to stop to split but can move to reintegrate?
This has been explained before. I didn't bother to search for it again (since you didn't either), but I can tell you it's not as easy as you'd think. Part of that is because coding something is not always as simple to code as it is to envision. The other part, I'll explain as best I can.

Currently, they accomplish the separation by altering your ship's model to another (whatever section you picked), and spawning "pets" that are whatever sections your ship isn't. This is why you have three separate abilities. Each one triggers a shift to a different model, and spawns the appropriate pets. I imagine if you managed to equip and use the saucer separation ability, your ship would (try to) morph into the secondary hull of the galaxy class, and spawn a saucer section.

When you recombine, your "section" pets despawn, and the animation of rejoining plays. This is why it uses "default" pieces, because it's literally just a "weapon" animation, not the actual pets rejoining your ship.

As to why your ship has to stop, that was something about the separation not working right if the ship was moving. I think it's because your ship model changes, and a pet is spawned. It's harder for the placement to work if the ship is moving, or something like that.