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12-26-2011, 10:37 PM
Not fair to call people names for wanting to invest points into ground without sacrificing their space gameplay. Cryptic should've had seperate skill trees back during Beta.

But when it comes to this new skill split, I don't like them pulling points we once had in Space in order to make room for Ground. With the new revamp, I don't have enough points to even invest in a few points into Tier 5, and it's the same build I've been running on Holo.

Second thing I don't like is how the new Ground system is arranged where there is no encouragement of diversity. And I find it stupid players investing into Shields and Armor when you know players are going to do that. The investment itself is weak since it only boosts like 50 hps at best. So why even have a skill system if the returns are so minor?