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12-27-2011, 05:04 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
This pretty much mirrors a discussion currently going on regardng the Orion cruisers which many of us feel should have come after some kind of Orion escort.
My guess is Cryptic threw the dice and decided which of the allied races got which of the types of ships we have in this game for now and ended up with this.
And of course since the others are missing not everyone will be happy with it.
Let's just hope this game is around long enough for them fill up the ranks for each allied race.

My hopes are the Gorn don't get a conventional cruiser next.
I'd prefer an engineering-based Gorn battlecarrier.
Use the Varanus as a visual basis and make the ship a bit longer and wider.
Then take the Kar'fi as a statwise template.
Flip the Engy and Tac BO and console slots and voilą.
Strange since I'm not really a fan of carriers...
Seems like they did, yes.
I mean it makes absloutely no sense to me why they would give the Orions heavy combat Ships and the Gorn...
Science Ships? Really?? Gorn are smart but Science? No, I could live with Combatengineers but the thought of a Gorn in a Lab Coat is a little...irritating to me.