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12-27-2011, 06:17 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_Dracon_Darknight View Post
What exactly is the honor guard set effect?
Is it shield regeneration or Health regeneration?
It's a built-in hypo with infinite supply that buffs your melee dmg by 40% when used.

But yeah, you'll still want regular hypos because the cd isn't shared.

On how many regenerators you need:
In KA, I use about 5-10 minors, 3 to 5 majors and 1 or 2 criticals per run. I also get 1 or 2 criticals per run, so that works out just fine.

I've done Cure ground only once and used about 15 minors and 5 -10 majors.
I can't imagine Infected being any more demanding.
So 40 of each regen per run may be a bit overkill. xD