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12-27-2011, 07:28 AM
Well, if it were me I'd get the Varanus, and possibly add the consoles to my varanus from the other 2 gorn vessels. That being said, the Gorn ship is a very nice science ship, no complaints from me. I play 2 Gorn characters, one flies the raptor and the other flies the Varanus. Eventually, I'd like to see some other ships from their fleet make their way into the ranks of the KDF. Orion Escorts, Nausicaan Battle Cruisers (They have a really cool one you can fight against, npc-wise), and Gorn Cruisers would be nice to see. Additionally, I think it would be pretty neat to see some kind of imaginative Lethean design pop up. I realize the Letheans are supposed to be a long-subjugated race by the Klingons, but they also are quite powerful, and it would be neat to see what they'd come up with. I suspect some kind of cloaking escort that's heavy on the science.

To the original poster, I'd say give the ship a try. Tacticals in Science ships can do fine. Ultimately you won't have things like Subnucleonic beam or dampening field, but you will be able to crank up your damage output and flip your forward facing around faster if you use abilities that require it.