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Please note that the following guide is for startet groups with no - little experience with Elite STFs, and just a help on 'How to not get frustrated' or ''How to not fail the mission'; The other four have to wait until February, after the skill tree revamp as my finals are approaching.

K I T H O M E R A C C O R D S — S P A C E
The first important fact to know about KA space is that you can actually fail it.
Please also note that there is no guarantee for average groups to manage the optional objective when using the tactic this guide suggests, as it takes a lot of concentration and dps, your chances are however, not too bad.

Start Situation:
As you warp in you will (probably) notice two huge gates, with 2 transformers, being protected by 4 generators, a third(different) gate, as well as a tactical cube.
All of these are part of this mission’s objective and have different purposes for it;
While you have to destroy most of them one requires the attention of at least 2 players as its GUARD.

Recommended Abilites to stay alive/ complete the mission:
- Aceton beam
- Gravity well
- Tractor beam or repulsor
- Beam fire at will
- Eject warp plasma
- Reverse shield polarity
- Emergency power to Structural Integrity field
- Engineering team
- Tactical team
- Emergency Power to Shields

Recommended group layout (for private queues):
2 x Dreadnought cruiser
2 x SCI ship
1 x Escort (preferably the SCI Prometheus/BoP)

The Tactical cube:
There is not much to say about this one, despite that it is your first mission objective and that you have to kill it.
Debuff it with Aceton beam to reduce incoming beam damage and use FAW to shoot down

The Transwarp gates:
The layout will probably remind you on Infected, with just two sides, which is essentially true; there are a few differences you have to mind though.

1.) The generators have less Hull, and are thus easier to kill
2.) The generators won’t spawn spheres, instead a cube will spawn as soon as two of them are down
3.) Keep a distance of at least 9 km to it, to not get targeted by its weapons
4.) Not really a 3rd point but a hint: A Dreadnought cruiser MIGHT be able to kill both by flying in front of the first one and targeting the one behind it with a fully buffed Phaser Lance. (Definitely works on normal)

The Middle Gate – also known as “The Time Vortex(TV)”:

While the TV is neither attackable nor attacks itself it’s one of the most important things in this missions, as you have to protect it from Probes warping in from the Transwarp gate. Doing the whole mission without a single Probe penetrating your gate-defense is also the optional mission objective.
Doing this might sound easy, but is hindered by the fact that these Elite probes have more health points and respond poorly to tractor beams with low energy levels in AUX.
You will also notice a counter in your mission objective window saying 0/10 as soon as the tac cube is down. The first number indicates how many probes have already passed through the gate, while the second indicates the maximum amount of probes allowed to pass before the mission fails.
This amount is namely 9, as soon as the 10 th probe passes through the gate the mission fails and you will get the one hour cool down as if you had successfully completed it.
This brings us to our next step:

The How – to do the mission

After killing the cube, the first thing you want to do is splitting the team across the map.
Send 3 persons to the left or right gate, one to the other gate and the last one to the TV as a last line of defense.
As constantly mentioning both sides is annoying this guide will now assumes that you start with THE LEFT GATE.

Job at the right gate:
Killing probes, AND NOTHING BUT PROBES (!!!!)
(Repairing damage is important here as the probes are tougher than they look like)

Job at the TV:
Killing any probe getting through the defense on either side
(Repairing damage is important here as the probes are tougher than they look like)

Job at the left gate:
2 persons: Killing generators and transformers (and of course the cubes spawning)
1 person: Shooting probes, AND NOTHING BUT PROBES (!!!!)
(Note the advice from the start: Dreadnought might help getting the generators down faster and can tank the cube)

Addendum probe Killers and TV guardian
The following skills are the ones you can use to slow the probes down and therefore giving you additional time to kill them:
- Tractor beam(Watch your energy level)
- Tractor beam repulsors (Attention, this skill should only be utilized by trained players as it can also backfire and push the probes closer to the TV)
- Gravity well
- Eject warp plasma

And again, even with the imminent danger of annoying you by saying it again: repair your ship, or you might not have the dps necessary to kill the probes in time.

While the other 3 ships kill probes the two remaining ships have to start killing the generators on their side; do again start with the left set of generators, as they are probably the closest after the cube explodes.
Now kill two of the generators and immediately attack the cube afterwards, now it is again time to utilize Aceton beam to reduce incoming beam damage as well as FAW to finish off High Yield Plasma torpedoes.
Furthermore, use every resistance buff you can possibly think about, such as Emergency to Structural Integrity, and if your shields drop reverse shield polarity (just examples), it is further recommended to have a distance of at least 5 kilometers to the cube, to make sure that its warp core breach doesn’t kill you and does thus not add a debuff to your ship.
Furthermore, it gives you some time to shoot the plasma torpedoes down.
As soon as the cube is down kill the next two generators, from at least 9 km distance to the Transwarp gate, as soon as the generators are down, kill the transformer, an additional cube will NOT spawn.

Now fly a big circle around the gate, and make your way to the right set of generators, there you have to repeat what you did at the left set, cube included.

After the second transformer is down, start firing at the gate while helping your probe killer out by using multi target attacks such as FAW or Torpedo spread, the one shooting probes can help you out too, while his area is probe free, but should continue his work as soon as new probes enter the area.

Now shoot the gate down to 5 %, I repeat, to 5 %, so DO NOT KILL THE GATE
(credit for this part goes to @crusader- (or something similar to that) who suggested this during a run)
While I admit that I was skeptical at first it is actually pretty logical, not recommended though if 4 or more probes have already passed.

As for the reason:
As soon as the gate goes down, the other gate will send two spheres along to every set of probes, so when not killing the gate you just have to kill probes and won’t have to bother with spheres.

Now the game continues on the other side:
The two people having killed generators should fly over to the other gates RIGHT set of generators, while the probe killer resumes his work and solely cares about the probes coming from the gate.

Now Repeat what you did at the left gate, and, as soon as the gate is down to 40% inform your TV guardian as well as your left gate probe killer that they can now shoot down the left gate; Yes you read right: your TV guardian is gone now, so you have to watch out for the probes as well as killing the right gate.
If everything went according to plan, and you repaired damage as soon as you got it you should have managed to do it with no more than 3 probes passing the gate, the ideal situation is that you even did it in time for the optional.
(Someone should fly over to the TV to grab the group loot there)

(Should the gate fall down or should four probes have already passed utilize, if you have them, the two Dreadnought cruisers to take on the spheres, and don’t assist them, they should be able to do them by themselves, while it has to be noted, that every dreadnought has to engage just one sphere and only help his teammate when his own sphere is down)

Congratulations, you just did the hard part of KA – Space and can now no longer fail the mission.

The final part - Donatra

Despite her toughness and damage, no changes were made to her on Elite.
It is notable though that, both on normal and Elite, her Thalaron beam got repaired.
As a result you have to watch your six after she de-cloaks.
Other than that consider her a differently shaped tactical cube that can doe torpedo spread and cloaks from time to time.

As soon as Donatra is dead, fly over to the TV to grab your loot bag.