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12-27-2011, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by VengefulDjinn
Looks great ! Congrats ! I look forward to seeing you on Defera all blinged out !
Thanks. I'll try to get to the Defera invasions as often as possible. The missions are great, especially Temple Hard.
Probe coming second, although with a good team the Gorn Boss dies so fast that it's not even funny.
Not sure if I will be wearing the armor there or not, it makes me look like I'm wrapped in tin foil. :p

The one thing I love this armor for though:
If you happen to be in a PUG and somebody plays up like he's the boss, even though he has no clue,
possibly even calling you a noob when you try to point something out to him.
No more words necessary! Just put on the armor and helmet.
It just spells it: SUCK IT.

As for having the rifle on your back, I did not notice having that.
It might be an option at the tailor, i'll look it up once the maintenance is done.

Also I wish everyone here good luck for getting the set.