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12-27-2011, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by Nikola_Tesla
I love the new UI that came with the Skill split.

I do like the idea of having players being required to put some skills in both space and ground, but I also think that more Flex points / room is needed.

I love how you are only requiring only 25% of a players points be placed in ground.

However I think that you should also only require a minimum of 25% of a players points be placed in space as well.

As for the remaining them "Flex" points and allow players to put them were they like.

So both Ground and Space would require at a minimum they get 25% of the skill points, but once that requirement is met a player could use the remaining 50% on whatever they fancy.

Just a suggestion

I have a better idea.. How about they just let us put our points wherever we want instead of making us having to put 'x' amount of points in Tier 1 before going to Tier 2, etc...
Or better yet-- I'd rather have RESPEC per ship or per Class of ship (tact, eng, or sci). That way i can SPEC up a sci ship with more Sci than Tac or Engineering when taking out a SCI ship. Vice Versa with TAC and Engineer ships.
Or for ground-- Have ground SPEC per Group of BOFF..
For example-- Away team #1 could be all spec'd with Engineers. that way i could spec my ground towards engineers *turrets, drones, etc). Allow that to be saved as a 'bookmark' if you will.
Away team #2 could be Spec'd with All TAC boffs'
Away team #3 could be a mixed group of BOFF's
Each group saved under a specific Away team loadout name..
So when it comes time for a ground mission i can choose which Away team group i want to take with me instead of picking through my list of officers one at a time..