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03-02-2009, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by HyorD View Post
Thanks, guys; I noticed this ship on your Facebook fan page, a few days back, and I was wondering what sort of ship it was Well, considering raptor is more or less just another name for a predatorial bird, rather than any particular species, I'd say it makes sense that the Federation would use this name to characterize a new, common type of Klingon ships; it's a recognizable word that sounds fierce. Later on, as new variants are developed, they may start referring to them as "'Uz'Kheb-class raptors" and "Yat'khap-class raptors".
But they aren't giving us the Klingon name. To me it's so odd to stand on a bridge of a Klingon ship and have to refer to it by the Vulcan assigned name (since it's based on the Enterprise one and the Vulcan's named it).

Why can't they give us Klingon names for the Klingon ships, instead of making it Feddie centric!