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12-27-2011, 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by Raudl View Post
Kar'fi still eats vo'quv for breakfast^^ especially after season 5 patch!
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I saw this thread was a old but I thought I would mention bit about my build, which I never have really talked about before, I fear people laughing at me...

I love 3 single cannons and 3 turrets (all tetryon to lower shields for fighters to hit hull) on my carrier, granted that limits me to a 180 degree arc but PVE is easy enough to manage and it’s not that hard to keep the target in your firing arc. I saw someone said beams and turrets, beams would grant a wider firing arc but then with only 3 tactical skills mixing beam/cannons for me at least lowers what I can do, by this I mean FAW does nothing for the turrets and Rapid Fire does nothing for the beams for example.

I run in my tactical slot Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1 which for me is a must for a carrier as it debufs the target for the fighters to do more pew pew, and depending on the situation cannon rapid fire 2 or cannon scatter volley 2 (I have two tac boffs, both the same except the CRF 2 and CSV 2.)

Amongst my sci skills is tractor beam repulors and grav well, something to root and and make keeping the 180 arc easier to manage.

Mini BoPs I hate, they ignore me…

To’Duj I love, holding them back with recall then using attack my target command when my targets shields are down unleashes a torrent of mini torps into my foes hull, fun times.

I would also mention that my carrier captain is a tactical, harder to play compared to a sci or eng carrier with the lower durability, especially in an STF, but with Attack Pattern Beta and Tactical Fleet I and my fighters can hit hard and it’s a lot of fun.