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Originally Posted by MorganL4 View Post
my guess is that raptor is the english translation.

but does ne 1 else think that the whole concept of a Hit and Run in other words Guerrilla Warfare based ship is the antithesis of what it means to be a Klingon Warrior?

I always understood that Klingons pride Honor above all else. and a face to face fight was the very basis for the Klingon sense of honor. So it just seems to me that the Klingons would never actually employ such a ship.

someone correct me if im wrong

cuz thats how i see it.

OK your wrong...If you ever watched an episode of DS9 especially season 7 they show hit and run tactics by both B'rel and K'vort class Bird of Prey ships. To win is Honorable. The B'rel class ships were also primarily "Pack Hunters" or deployed in squads of 3 or more. (also shown in numerous ST episodes and in the I.K.S Gorkon book series.)