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Just saw this in my mail and I am updating this Thread....looks like a no-go.

*** As of January 1st we are discontinuing the Elite_STF Channel ***
After consultations with other SIGs and much debate we decided it was better to go Private and organize our fleet friends who have developed an expertise in the new Special Task Force (STF) Missions rather than try to manage a Public Global Channel. Especially in light of F2P occurring in the near future. Thanks to all who subscribed.
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A friend asked me to help him reach out to the PVP Community so I will post this link here....


Please reference the above post (link) under Information and Discussion / Star Trek Online Discussion / New Global Chat Channel - Elite_STF

As K’valk (The Doomsday Device) would say “The objective here is simple” – create a Global Chat Channel (Elite_STF) and populate it with the very best (Elite) Players and get consistent successful results.