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12-27-2011, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by Angarus
Yup, Ive totally given up on the winter packages.

*buys more*
I say do what I've done. I've opened about 15 or so Red Lottery Tickets so far, and to be honest I've done it all via the Dt Exchange. I run the daily missions ( Investigate Officer Reports, the ones over in ETA and over in Orellius, the lore mission and activate my radan Tribble, then I also run STF's when ever we can get a team together. all and all I've been hitting my 8000Dt a day with some extra left over, then just hit the exchange and buy up C-Points. B-Tran VA, can't forget about B-Tran VA, I tend to avoid Krat, don't know why just do.

I've got five toons four of which I use for this grind and each is pulling in they're 8k a day


8k x 4 = 32k-Dt a day.

Most days I can exchange Dt at 400Dt for 1 Criptic Point

needing 100 for the Red Gift Box that adverages out to roughly 40k Dt for 100 CP

so it take me about two days to build make that, or one day once I get my fifth toon up to snuff.

as stated above I've open roughly fifteen or so red boxes with out directly spending a dime on them.

14 being blue boxes

01 being a red box ( from the race )

01 Holo-boff ( something I already had unlocked account wide, gave to a fleet mate )

Countless green boxes from the race

but still the Exchange is the way to go. and if done right shouldn't take more than about two hours.