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12-27-2011, 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by HF_Mudd
To everyone saying "Well, I thought they was equal odds 'cause I never saw nothin' saying otherwise..."

If I was to say what I really think, I'd probably get modded, so I'll simply ask: Have none of you ever seen a sweepstakes or lottery before? They all work like this. They advertise some big, valuable prize like a car or vacation, or a million dollar jackpot, but only one person (out of all the thousands who enter) is going to win that. Maybe a dozen others get lesser prizes, and everyone else gets stuck with a keychain or a magazine subscription, if they get anything at all.

Of course they're not going to give out a Mercedes to every twelfth person who enters. That's just common sense. If you thought that's how this was going to go...
>_>; we're not debating that this is a Lottery. we're saying they are in a very gray area that's bordering on violating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, and other applicable laws in other jurisdictions.

to also drive home the issue you never saw Ed McMahon giving away the 10mil grand prize from the Publisher's Clearing House to every member of the press that where known to give the lottery positive flack, and that's whats been done with the Jem' Hadar bug ship and the pod casters ( besides those like RSA ) that where given the ship no just one, but the all the members of the production ) that tow the company line of Cryptic.

I call for full disclosure the odds of the ship being awarded, how many ships where given out for free to members of the press and anyone else it was just handed to. and last but not least the total amount of money they have made via this possibly unlawful venture.

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